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2015 Disclosure Notice

Minnesota Statute 115A.9302, subdivision 1, requires all haulers of solid waste to disclose the final destination for disposal to their customer. Pursuant to this requirement, LJP Enterprises Waste & Recycling L.L.C. disposes of all waste collected at the following facilities:

Minnesota Waste Processing Company
1051 Summit Avenue
Mankato, MN. 56001
Permit #: SW452
Ramsey/Washington Resource Recovery Facility
2901 Maxwell Ave.
Newport, MN. 55055
MPCA Permit #: SW286
Ponderosa Landfill
20028 Gooseberry Ln.
Mankato, MN. 56001
MPCA Permit #SW087
Prairieland Compost Facility
801 E. 5th St. North
Truman, MN
Permit #: SW357
RRT Processing Solutions, LLC
16454 Blaine Avenue
Empire, MN. 55010
Permit #: SW601
Endres Processing
13420 Courthouse
Rosemount, MN 565068
SMC Demolition Landfill
57032 231st. Ln
Mankato, MN. 56001
Permit #: SW387
Valley Demo & Recycling
Highway 14 East
P.O. Box 787
New Ulm, MN. 56073
Permit #:SW527
Hansen Sanitation
636 E. Pearl St.
Kasota, MN 56050
Permit #: SW649
LJP Enterprises of North Mankato
2160 Ringhofer Drive
North Mankato, MN 56003
Permit #: SW653
Full Circle Organics
16225 563rd Ave.
Good Thunder, MN 56037
Permit #: SW662
Steele County Landfill
9420 SE 64th Ave.
Blooming Prairie, MN 55917
Permit # : SW131

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, the following must be included on all disclosure statements:

“You may be responsible for any liability that results from contamination at a facility where your waste has been deposited. Minnesota believes that its waste management system provides substantially more financial and environmental protection than depositing waste in landfills in most other states. Managing your waste responsibility in Minnesota may minimize your personal liability.”

As noted above all disposal facilities utilized by LJP Enterprises Waste & Recycling L.L.C. are located within the State of Minnesota and meet all State and Federal requirements.

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