Dumpsters, Rolloffs, & Kirby Carts

Dumpsters, Rolloffs, and Kirby carts for on call or regular service

LJP Waste & Recycling has a variety of equipment available. We work with each customer to see the space and environmental requirements to best service the account. We do not have all of the extra fees and service charges that other waste haulers have.

LJP has provided dumpsters for mixed municipal solid waste and general trash. Dumpsters range from 2 to 8 cubic yards. LJP has front loading and rear loading dumpsters.

Front Load Containers

(Approximate sizes)


Size Width Depth Height
2 yard 6’10” 3’2″ 3’8″
3 yard 6’10” 3’7″ 4’0″
4 yard 6’10” 4’6″ 4’0″
6 yard 6’10” 6’0″ 4’0″
8 yard 6’10” 7’8″ 4’0″


Rear Load Dumpster
(Approximate sizes)

Size Width Depth Height
2 yard 5’0″ 3’4″ 3’4″
3 yard 5’3″ 6’7″ 3’4″
4 yard 5’3″ 7’8″ 3’4″
6 yard 5’3″ 10’0″ 4’0″

Roll Off Containers

New construction project? Remodeling project? For contractors, one time jobs or large disposal projects – the way to go is to rent a roll-off container. If you are building or remodeling – renting a roll-off container is the most economical way to dispose of your construction and/or demolition debris.

We have 10, 20, and 30 yard boxes available.

Container Width Height Depth Capacity
10 yard 7 ft 3 ft 14 ft 3 – 1/2 pick-up loads
20 yard 7.75 ft 4.75 ft 21 ft 7 pick-up loads
30 yard 7.75 ft 6 ft 22 ft 10 pick-up loads

Garbage, appliances, bulky items:
If you need to dispose of appliances, please contact us before putting them in your roll-off container.
There is an extra charge to dispose of appliances.

Rolloff containers are the way to go if you have a large quantity of garbage

Kirby Carts

The small generator of trash may be satisfied with a 64 or 96 gallon cart that can be brought in and out on  collection day. The cart can be kept out of  view until pick up day, and may be a more convenient collection process. We have the same carts for recycling, which are distinguished by a yellow lid.

64 Gallons holds 3-4 13 gallon bags of trash
96 Gallons holds 5-7 13 gallon bags of trash

Locking bars for dumpsters.lockbar
Is your location providing free trash service for others? If you are interested in a locking device, LJP can provide for a rental fee of $5.00 per month .
See the photo at right for a sample.


    Demolition (Demo) Material

If you are tearing down a building you will want to be sure  not to  include items that are not acceptable at Demo Landfills.

Demolition material cannot contain household garbage, paint, cardboard, asbestos, railroad ties, caulk tubes, tires/batteries, furniture, or treated lumber, paper or plastic food wrappers.

Acceptable Items to a Demolition Landfill
Aluminum Siding Lumber Concrete Block
Particle Board Plastic Copper Tubing
Plastic or Vinyl Siding Plywood Duct Work
PVC Conduit PVC Pipe Electrical Wiring
Sheet Rock Shingles Felt or Tar Paper
Steel Pipe Steel or Wood Siding Galvanized Pipe
Window Pane Asphalt Glass
Brick Concrete Insulation

Waste & Recycling Enclosures

The design of enclosures and gates are important to both the business and the hauler. Please see below for suggested widths. We can meet with you to assist with ideas.

Enclosures must be kept clear of snow, ice and litter to properly perform the waste removal.

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