whiskeyriverWhiskey River

“Being in the hospitality industry, the prompt service we receive from LJP is important to us.  We have found it necessary to require service on a busy weekend and we have always found the staff of LJP to be very responsive to our needs.  They provide equipment to make the handling of waste and recycling at our site economical and professional looking.



“LJP has supported clients at MCI by providing both equipment and financial support to recycling efforts in the Mankato Area. Clients at MRCI collect cans and bottles through the Message in the Bottle program, a partnership with the Recycling Association of Minnesota.  The support that LJP has provided to MRCI has been an  instrumental part of the program.”

Schell’s Brewery

“With the help of LJP, Schell’s Brewery has been able to expand the number of items we can recycling from our trash. At one last Bock Fest, we had our visitors recycling their serving cups, therefore helping diminish trash on the grounds, and also be more “Green.” Thanks to LJP recycling capabilities, we at Schell’s Brewery know we are helping to make a difference in our environment. Our staff is 100% behind the effort it has taken for the success of our waste reduction, which in turn also helps to make our company stay competitive in the marketplace, besides the terrific benefit to our environment.”


Mcquay today announced that their Faribault and Owatonna facilities have achieved zero waste. The Achievement was accomplished in part through a strategic partnership with LJP Waste & Recycling. “This achievement of Faribault and Owatonna demonstrates McQuay’s deep commitment to sustainability and how we continually strive toward reducing the environmental impact of our facilities and products.”

ilpeaILPEA Industries

“ILPEA Industries, New Ulm and other ILEPA plants nationwide were given a challenge to reduce our garbage dollars spent and increase recycling efforts. With the help of LJP we were able to accomplish that goal in three months. LJP’s willingness to work with us made this happen. They took extra steps to make sure our goal was met.  This type of service and commitment has strengthened our relationship with LJP.”

coughlinCoughlan Companies

“Coughlan Companies would like to thank the LJP staff for the assistance you provided during our office relocation. I could literally call anytime for either location and knew the containers would be emptied the same day. This was a life saver for us. We appreciate the local presence of your company in our community. thank you for the reliable, friendly and professional service you provide.”

associatedfinishingAssociated Finishing

“We are glad we made the switch to LJP. Their dependability and quick responses to our needs are very much appreciated.”


“LJP has helped Wis-Pak convert the majority of their waste to recycling materials. Waste levels have been reduced from 400 yards to 40  yards resulting in a significant cost savings. In addition, revenue from recycled products averages $55,000 per year.”