Equipment & Transportation


We can provide the following equipment for rent or assist with direct purchases.

  • Balers
  • Compactors & receiver boxes
  • Shredders
  • Collapsible or solid plastic bins
  • Rubbermaid rolling carts
  • Open top roll-off containers
  • Roll-off containers with lids
  • Specialty items such as can crushers and bottle breakers

We can also provide the equipment solutions to meet unique situations.

Transportation Services

Transportation services with LJP Waste & Recycle can be done with semi trucks and trailers to put all waste and recycling on one trailer. This assists plants in material handling, ease of training, communication and reporting. We have the equipment to handle the collection of  waste and recycling. Many have found this to be the best way to increase recycling versus compacting or using dumpsters.


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compactorsStationary and Self-Contained Compactors

LJP has worked with different manufacturing and food plants to design the equipment to make best use of the dock space available. Depending on the consistency of the waste the different types of compactors are available.


Self-Contained Compactorwith
Specialized Painting for Customer

Open Top Roll-offs/Closed Lidded Roll-offs

selfcontainedcontainer rolloffcontainers2
Balers, Shredders, and Choppers

LJP works with each company to provide the equipment best suited to condense their recycling and/or waste, and reduce transportation costs. We can rent or sell equipment based on the customers needs.horizontalbaler
Used Vertical Balerverticalbaler Used Allegany Shreddershredder
Used or New Band Choppers for Metal or Plastic Banding
Open Collapsible Bins
Closed Collapsible Bin for Storage