Waste Solutions

Waste Solutions, Waste to Energy, Demolition & LEED Certification, Organic Composting, Recycling and Hazardous Waste Waste to Energy:

The owner of LJP had the foresight in the 90’s to partner with the waste to energy solution brought to Mankato. He convinced the local power company to accept local waste and Minnesota Waste Processing Company. LJP Enterprises is a 50% owner of Minnesota Waste Processing Company. We are lucky to have this connection.

LJP has helped Fortune 500 companies that transport their trash from other states to eliminate future liability associated with waste. We have helped many companies to reach their goals of zero Landfill.

LEED Certification:
LJP delivers options to contractors and the general public to recycle and recover materials they wish to discard. LJP can assist in obtaining LEED credits for green building initiatives. We have had projects that we have recycled over 50% of their building waste.

Landfill Disposal:
LJP Enterprises also has a company within its umbrella of companies that manages the Blue Earth County Landfill. There are times when the waste cannot be waste to energy and must be land filled. LJP will do an industrial waste evaluation to find the most environmentally sound disposal method. We can streamline the reporting to meet the customers’ needs.

Organic Composting
LJP also partners with different compost facilities to provide composting of food by- products and other organic based waste.

Hazardous Waste:
LJP does not handle hazardous materials, but we have the knowledge to assist you in determining who can assist you with the material you might generate.

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